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A hard ‘dogs’ work…

We are busy developing a new Identity system for Clementine, London. A dog accessories company with all the accoutrements that come with it. We will be working closely with Clementine on developing their Identity system and positioning. They represent a modern, stylish and cognisant label that speaks to the design conscious and liberal cognoscenti.

In many ways Clementine is a departure from your typical doggie brand — We are currently creating an Identity and system based on the the subject of ‘Dog communication’, which refers to movements dogs use to send signals to other dogs and usually humans. Dog communication comes in a variety of forms and is part of the foundation of dog social behavior. Dogs use certain movements of their bodies and body parts and different vocalizations to express their emotions.

We are creating, through commissioned illustrations, an Identity system that can transcend many forms, process’s and printed materials. A solution which also portrays Clementine as a brand which has an intricate knowledge, love and care for all things doggie… The solution also acts as an educational platform for all types of dog owners and lovers — through the identity illustrations which show what a dog is communicating to its owners and others around them.